Positions at JML

Equipment Wrangler

We are looking for a full-time employee (M-F 9:30 to 5:30) to help us with the equipment rental operations in our warehouse.  

The job responsibilities include putting rental kits together using a computerized system, load equipment in trucks and occasionally perform pick-ups and deliveries using company vehicles. You will also take rental payments from time to time.

You will be following a standard process for equipment check-out and returns. This includes inspecting the equipment to make sure it is operating properly and reporting any issues you might encounter.

You will also be responsible for organizing the warehouse, labeling & putting asset tags on equipment and adding equipment in our computerized inventory system.

Since we’re a small company, you will also be asked to lend a hand wherever it’s needed, whether it’s taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom (we do have a rotating schedule), cutting theatrical gel or repairing equipment.

In order to be successful at this job, we believe the following are helpful:

  • Detail Oriented – Some orders have over 100 items and they all need to be present when they go out, and they need to be checked thoroughly when they come back. If you miss something, that might lead to an unhappy customer!
  • Strong Spatial Organization Skills – We have tons of gear that needs to be stowed away, spare parts, repairs, etc.. This is something that needs to continually be organized, labeled, tracked in inventory.
  • Ability to lift up to 70lbs – Some days, you’ll need to move pairs of 35lbs sandbags, or 50’ of banded cable. That’s just part of the job. But let’s be clear, it does not happen every day!
  • Ability to learn lots of new things – there are hundreds of different items in the warehouse and you will need to become familiar with them. We use specific software to manage the inventory. You’re expected to learn that stuff over time.  It’s helpful if you can remember it.
  • You need a valid driver’s license as you will be occasionally driving the company vehicles.
  • Be Trustworthy – You will have a key to the shop, sometimes you’ll be by yourself. If you can’t be trusted to do work (and there is always work to do) without someone looking over your shoulder, this isn’t for you.  Don’t be like the guy that stuffed a bluetooth speaker in his backpack and when caught was “I was going to tell you and trade it for my camera”.
  • Be a self-starter – We don’t like to micro-manage. If the big tasks for the day are done, there is always something to do: clean-up, sweep, label gear (so much labeling!), put stuff away…

The following will be helpful (bonus points):

  • Familiarity with computers in general (who isn’t…) – gmail, sheets, Docs
  • Have a smartphone that supports QR Codes & slack  – We use them extensively! 
  • Your own reliable transportation – The bus route is not great where we’re located.
  • Mechanical Aptitude – We have generators that need their oil changed, there are some lights that need fixed occasionally. 
  • Looking for things to improve – We are always trying to improve. We appreciate ideas for improvements, big or small. It doesn’t mean we’ll go with it, but we like the suggestions!

If the following apply to you, we’re probably not a good fit:

  • Having an issue taking directions from someone younger than you
  • Having an issue taking directions from someone older than you
  • Having an issue taking directions from someone of the opposite gender.
  • Being uncomfortable around People with Blue/Pink/Purple hair, black/yellow/red/white (or any color) skin, piercings, gauges, tattoos… you get the picture 
  • “That’s not my job” is a saying you take to heart.

This is an entry level position starting at $11/hr but there is significant potential for advancement. We offer quarterly raises based on performance.

You do not have to be familiar with the film & television industry. We can teach you the equipment. We care more about a good attitude, attention to details & positive behavior.

JML Rental is a film & television equipment rental company. We provide grip equipment & lights to productions ranging from feature film to student project.  We offer an easy going environment. We’re open to new ideas. Like all jobs, there are stressful moments – turning around 12 kits in a day is lots of work! We trust our employees to be independent and get the job done.

To apply for the job, email your resume to job@jmlrental.com.

If you want to automatically disqualify yourself, call about the job or better yet, show up unannounced. Attention to details also means paying attention to instructions…